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 Multilingual communication in the fight against outbreaks

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When the swine flu outbreak hit Mexico in April 2009, the public reaction was timid and indifferent. After one week, the outbreak reached the United States then Canada. By the end of April, 11 countries were affected by this new “deadly” virus. A status of confusion invaded the world.

The new emerging global threat occupied the media headlines across the globe. The fact that its name has changed three times (influenza-like illness, swine flu, influenza A(H1N1))* in less than one week shows how "new" this monster is. The frenetic public started storming internet sites for potential news.

Specialized web sites have encountered severe technical difficulties due to the huge amount of traffic. Some sites have witnessed millions of hits per day, coming from the four corners of the globe and causing them to crash for hours.

More than 88% of the World population does not know English

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Whether your client lives in China, Paris or Dubai, Multilingual Communication  is the first element to consider in your Organization's strategic global planning.

According to the Summer Institute for Linguistics (SIL) 1999 Ethnologue Survey, more than 88% of the World population does not know English - but this is the language you use to deliver your message!

Thinking globally for your business requires the respect of the tool global audience uses to interact with you: their mother languages; the only way to guarantee that your message is well understood.