Why Multilingualism is important

In September 1301, the king of Aragon, James II, wrote urgently to his treasurer commanding him to get the royal Librum medicine vocatum Avicenne out of pawn. He had allowed his favourite surgeon to pawn the volume with a Barcelona merchant for 500 sueldos, but now he found a " valda necessarium " and had to have it back.

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  • Back to the mother tongue

    The return to the mother tongue

    Twenty years ago, linguists, anthropologists and many scholars from different disciplines were anxiously discussing ways to slow down the rhythm in which many languages are vanishing. English language had invaded since decades many parts of the world as the language of education, business and communication.

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  • The story of Machine Translation

    A brief history of Machine Translation

    In 1964, the U.S. Government established the Automatic Language Processing Advisory Committee ( ALPAC ) to evaluate the progress of Computational Linguistics and the potentials of Machine Translation (MT). After two years of research, the seven scientists-Committee issues its famous report questioning the results achieved in the field of MT and calling

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  • Writing for  machine translation

    Writing for the web, and for machine translation

     Any piece of text you put on the web automatically becomes available for the readers. Traditional web readers used to be you, me and all the people around us; but it is not the case anymore.

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  • How to write a Translation-friendly text

    Translation is the complex process of transferring the components of a message from one language and culture into another language and culture. These components can be in the form of "language" (most of the time) or colors, shapes, sounds, etc. For the transfer process to succeed, all ingredients of the

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